Research & Development

The Research and Development department (R&D) is the heart of strategic planning of Berryplasma World. Linking applied research with commercial needs is aiming on developing products and services of great value. The R&D is focusing exclusively on soft crops conducting wide range of trials of near market value. Fully qualified staff is responsible for collecting data in our trials which enable us to create the framework of future activities.

Aims & Objectives


Our research is focusing on:

  • Production of know how that is directly applicable to commercial use
  • Testing a wide range of varieties on all soft fruit (strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries) originating from all major breeding programs around the world
  • Statistical analysis and data interpretation to understand the potential of each variety in our area
  • Developing propagation protocols tailored to the needs of each variety


  • The R&D has 4 ha of replicated trials for conducting applied research of commercial value
  • Fully equipped lab for collecting all plant physiology parameters
  • Advanced production systems enable us to grow our plants at its best expressing the maximum of their character