Welcome to Berryplasma World LLC

Berryplasma World is an innovative family company located in Varda Ilias, one of the most dynamically developing regions in Greece for soft fruit production. It is located in the Northern part of Ilia prefecture, a place with great historical value thanks to its proximity to the Olympic Land.

Berryplasma World has four central objectives:

  • Invest on research & development through applied research
  • Invest on training people through developing high quality skills
  • Producing premium quality plants with specific cropping dynamic
  • Producing premium quality of berries supporting biodiversity & respecting the environment

Research & Development

The Research and Development department (R&D) is the heart of strategic planning of Berryplasma World.


Our nursery is equipped with the most advanced systems to enable us produce premium quality of plants with specific cropping dynamic.

Fruit Farm

We grow all our plants under polytunnels in soilless culture allowing us to provide ideal environment minimizing the need for crop protection.